Todays Blog is brought to you by the letter V for video. The video included is from a person whose name is Aaron Nace. If you have not heard of him “yet”, I am sure you will be soon.

Mr. Nace is a Digital Editor and Photographer. He also teaches  Photoshop, Digital Enhancements/Editing and other mad skills online; you can sign up and see his work via his website-  (Links also below).                                                        

Due to the power of the webcam he has students all over America and the world, so it should be easy to buy a ticket and jump on the digital train since there is no driving or classroom to go to.

Be forewarned- when you go to his website you need be prepared to be staring at the screen for awhile, the pictures and the editing pretty much suck you in and time will pretty much drive on by without even a honk and wave.

I know this Blogs main focus is photography, however; this video was too good/creative not to post. Hope you don’t mind Mr. Nace.