I wonder, Did Auntie 'Em ever watch Nat Geo?

I have to admit, I do have what some may call an addiction to documentaries. Even though my wife is not what you would label a “lover” of them, she will occasionally let me get my fill as she reads a magazine or something. I have to say, I never thought they would come in useful for anything; but just in case jeopardy calls I will be ready.

On Tuesday afternoon, I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I decided to go to bed early. My wife had called and said that there were tornado warnings in our area, and her class was being held there in class room until they expired. No big deal, I let her know that I would be turning in early and would be asleep when she got home. I laid in bed listening to the pouring rain, in that weird zone in between sleep and awake. That is when the local train was coming down the tracks. “It never fails” I thought, “Every time I lay down to sleep or nap the train comes by”; it is like the conductor knows what I am trying to do. Then I noticed something weird, the rain just suddenly stopped. I thought back to the mental catalog of Nat Geo, “didn’t I see something on a documentary about tornadoes sounding like trains, and rain sometimes not being in a tornado?” I looked out the window just to see in the unlikely event that one may actually be there.

As I pulled the blinds apart, I saw the night sky light up blue from one transformer to another exploding off the power poles. And in the light from the explosions… Behold, there it was; about 300 yards from the window- spinning; just like what I had seen on National Geographic. Folks, I have always been one of those people who like thunderstorms. The feeling in the air, the blue cast of the lightning. Well, that all changed the other night, just about the time I found myself huddled in the downstairs bathroom with Linus “the wonder pup” (just like the   documentary said I should be doing), telling my wife that I did not know what was going to happen but I loved her and was sure that Linus did too. After that the phone and power died.

The rumbling was getting worse, I could hear roaring and the pressure felt like the house was about to bust.( Side note- In cases like this, it is true what you have heard 20 seconds does feel like a eternity.) Then all of a sudden silence. No rumbling, no rain, no thunder. I walked out the front door only to be greeted by everyone in the neighborhood, walking out of their front doors looking around and trying to get a grip on what was happening. I looked up to the right (twilight zone moment) and the sky was clear, the stars were out. I looked to the left and there it was ,the back end of the tornado spinning and spewing green lightning; God help me GREEN LIGHTNING! Thank God my wife finally made it home shortly after, I can’t recall the last time I was so glad to see her.

The one thing I took out of this whole situation… documentaries are not just for when Alex Trebec calls. Even though it was a little too hurried to get you pictures during the storm , I went around the neighborhood and took some pics of the damage the next day.