Found it, and it wasn't under the cushion like you said!!

With a bridal shoot looming in the in near future, I knew that there was a key piece of equipment that I needed to make it a success. I have scoured the usual websites for quite a number weeks now, and finally this morning; there it was. With the added benefit of being reasonably price and never used. I contacted the person, set up a meet time and public destination for the exchange, and I am off.

I have always been somewhat self conscious of meeting someone for the first time. However, when I met up with this person, they made me feel at ease instantly. It may be that they had such a warm disposition about them, or the fact that that just came across as a very genuine, good natured/hearted person. We discussed the normal things like stuff we have in common, photography, etc. Judging from the accolades and publishing that they have received; they are obviously pretty good at it. Hey, I was impressed; and the people (person) who follows this blog may know, impressing me “ain’t” the easiest task.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. GOD is good, I woke up breathing, I found new equipment, I met someone who gave me a new perspective for the rest of the day. Game,Set,Match. 

By the way; I do not have any photos prepared about the day, so here is one of my dog instead.